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Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels Cheryl Gaer Barlow

This is part three of four columns from my late husband, Jack, who is now in a place called the opening to the heavens. I usually only communicate with the holy angels, who give me messages for humankind, but when Jack died, he sent words to me, and his messages have appeared in previous issues of the Sedona Journal of Emergence! [See the April and May 2016 issues].

The opening, from my understanding, is where the soul assimilates what has transpired and adjusts to the feelings and emotions of entering the heavens and of all that happened during life on Earth. This is a place of contemplating, receiving advice from the holy angels, and easing into life in heaven. This can be done in an instant or can take eons. Apparently, there is no time, or, rather, eternal time is different from Earth’s. Decisions are made from a field of intense love.

I felt this message was less cohesive than before, or perhaps it was further away. Yet my dog, who was listening to me in our house, suddenly trained his attention behind and above me, staring intensely. I knew he saw Jack. I looked around and saw nothing, but I knew he was there.