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Alignment and Abundance

Alignment and Abundance Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

There are energetic alignments that occur many times within a lifetime. The alignments are opportunities to open up to major changes in your lives. Often you are only aware of opportunities when you see how aspects of you keep you from flowing in harmony with your alignment opportunities. Work on your spiritual growth prepares you for these alignments, which are boundless in scope and can only be limited by your belief in what you can manifest.

Now is a time when great adjustments can be made in each person’s life situation. There is unlimited abundance within the universe. Scarcity is created as part of the path to your return to your God-self. You withhold abundance to yourselves only as a tool to help you learn all the ingredients of abundance. The first ingredient in all spiritual growth is love, followed by gratitude, humility, and compassion.

The path to your growth starts with you and is reflected back by your actions toward others. The true measure of your growth is completely intertwined with these interactions. To understand “That I Am” is to know that everyone you see and all you sense are all that you are. The path that leads to alignment is within, and your guide to where you are in your alignment comes as a reflection by those who surround you. When you see your connection to all of life, you are in alignment, and abundance flows effortlessly to you. Love attracts abundance, as love is abundance. So know that love is at the center of all life. •