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Akashic Answers: Find Empowerment and Abundance

Akashic Answers: Find Empowerment and Abundance Amanda Romania

Dear Amanda,

I have tried so hard to work on my spiritual self. I know I have a mission to help people heal and to help those around me open their hearts.

I am in a relationship with someone who I love dearly; this person supports me financially but has no interest in the spiritual world. I am wondering what our soul contract is. Some days I feel I cannot breathe when I am without my partner. On other days, I feel as if I just want to lock myself away from this person’s three-dimensional life, which includes many electronics in every room (TVs and computers) and loud music, which I find to be very draining.

I feel that I should be extremely grateful to this person for allowing me to live without money worries, to write in my journal, to send healing around the world, and to connect with my spirit guides whenever I wish. I feel we are from the same soul group but from different planets. What is our contract on a soul level? How long will this continue?

— Simone, New Jersey