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Activate Your Sacred Heart to Bring Heaven to Earth

Activate Your Sacred Heart to Bring Heaven to Earth Jesus through Virginia Ellen

As I walked on Earth, my mission was to bring the truth to the people. I spent most of my life traveling and seeking the truth of God. I studied for many years in all the great mystery schools that existed at that time. In each school, I advanced through the path of initiations into higher consciousness. Each initiation was more difficult than the one before. To attain higher wisdom, one needed to prove a true desire and intent for enlightenment.

How you ascend is through the path of truth, which is attained by living the truth and demonstrating your divine self living through the body. To know the truth is not in your mental mind of what you read or heard. It is an internal alchemy that occurs through embracing the truth and then experiencing the limitation dissolving within the cellular mass. Once this occurs, you will experience the pure principle of light moving through the purified body, creating from the intelligence of life itself.

I discovered that in all of these many magnificent teachings, the truth was kept from the common people. Your religions of this time have never given you the truth of my teachings. They made me the savior and the idol, and they withheld my true and everlasting teachings. Therefore you know nothing of my true message. You are living separate from the truth and trying to ascend into love. You do not even know what love is from an expanded reality. You do not know what life is or how one attains eternal life. You do not even know what a Christ is or how one becomes a Christ.