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Allow Your Spirit to Lead

Allow Your Spirit to Lead Denee Jordan

The Already Well program is a simple yet profound perspective on wellness that promotes developing respect and compassion for yourself, exactly as you are, and to allow your spirit to naturally emerge and manage your life so that contentment, healing, and prosperity are possible.´ Self-acceptance is the precursor to success.

It is natural and normal to want to improve yourself and to become more successful, healthier, happier, richer, smarter, more attractive, and so forth. Although people and cultures de¢ne success differently, what lies behind the desire to be successful is the same for all of us: our drive to survive and thrive. As human beings, we desire to feel safe, valuable, and connected. This concept may sound simple enough, but it is actually the key to either humanity’s evolution or its destruction. Depending on how we choose to feel safe, valuable, and connected, this underlying desire can be at the root of the most heinous war or the noblest human activity.

In our present society, many of us try to achieve safety through defensiveness, worry, and fear. We try to feel valuable through relentless self-scrutiny. We try to feel connected by constantly striving, comparing, and competing. And we ¢ght for all of it, which creates a society prevalent with depression, anxiety, and disease. Today it is estimated that over 15 million Americans are diagnosed with depression. That is heartbreaking, considering the spirit’s natural capacity to love.