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The Universe Makes Total Sense

The Universe Makes Total Sense Zi'antha through Wendy Zellea

The New Age was a gentle time, a time when lightworkers studied the ancient teachings that have survived throughout the ages. Astrology, numerology, crystals, Reiki, and many other forms of learning, healing, and energy work were rediscovered and practiced more and more over the past few decades. The purpose of this was not only to raise the vibration of lightworkers, which it most certainly did, but the knowledge that was retrieved was meant to be preserved so that it could be brought into the new era.

Ancient techniques have always been used by humanity. That is why they survived. The difference now is that the same esoteric methods will not be considered "woo-woo" in the new era. They will be accepted as valid in the workings of the culture yet to come.

What will not be preserved from the previous era are many of the current belief systems that have governed the lives of humans for centuries. The reason for this is obvious; it is because they don't work anymore. Yes, lightworkers have learned many new things to prepare them for the changing energy, but many esoterically learned souls still hold on to the fundamental, old beliefs that they inherited. These ways of thinking will not translate into the new era, and holding on to them creates resistance.