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Three Things for You to Remember

Three Things for You to Remember All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

All of you have the potential to perform that which you have named magic. Additionally, magic is a good thing — if, of course, intention is high and it springs from the elevated spiritual portion of your fourfold being. It is indeed what the man Jesus spoke of when he revealed that "Whoever believes in me will also do the work that I do; and greater works than these he do" [John 14:12, ESV]. Know that he was in fact performing magic. There is nothing mystical, low-vibrational, or sinister about these actions when of high intent. It should be noted that the magic of your being is always present. It may just need to be defined or sharpened.

Magic is defined as the seeking or attempting to understand, experience, and influence the world around one's self using energy, sometimes rituals (rituals are not needed, but you can do them if you like), symbols, sounds, gestures, and language. Its goal is to provide growth and understanding within the spiritual portion of you that you are us in humanoid form. Further, it is to be used to bring about some ensuing positive result for yourself, your others, and your world. If it is not in the aforementioned scope, then it is, of course, something else. Magic not being used for high-vibrational total outcomes is one of the reasons that magic became and is still, in many cases, the source of suspected negative behaviors and actions. Magic not used for the highest good would, of course, be influenced by lower portions of us in the oneness.

We are informing you of this because more and more of you will be practicing some form of magic in your Earth's future. It is a part of the spiritual revolution that is taking place on your planet now. Because of this surge that will be taking place due to more of you understanding your creatorship, we desire for all of you to fully understand that magic was designed for uplifting conditions of encasements and planets on all realms. Therefore, when it is used outside of its original purpose as set forth in the gadius (grand atomic divisions and increments of US, or the Oneness increasing and all its developing components) universal atomic and subatomic blueprint or plan for everything within your known and unknown (to you) universes, there are consequences. Please keep in mind that these consequences are not judgments (we don't do that), but they are natural universal reactions to actions that have been taken by any of you on any planet or plane to harm yourselves, your others, or your particular planet or plane.