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Take It Easy

Take It Easy Donna Taylor

June brings us to the end of the longstanding volatile T-square that formed the basis of the grand cross that began last December. For many, this has been a rather dramatic, unpredictable, and demanding phase in our lives. But now as Mercury turns on his heels — effectively slowing the pace right down — he beckons us to join him so we can rest awhile and reflect on the past few months.

All will be well if we can manage to do this. However, sometimes with the best will in the world, this planetary transit throws up one problem after another for us to deal with. Indeed, a Mercury retrograde transit is the ideal period in which to sort out our problems, especially those that have needed tending to for some time but that we've put on the backburner or conveniently forgotten about.

The best advice I can give this month is not to overfill your diary; leave spaces. (Don't overdo it.) If you don't feel like dashing off to your fitness class after work, then maybe you should honor that feeling and curl up with a good book instead. This is a time when we should tell ourselves that there's no rush. All will get done, and if it doesn't get done, it's probably not that important anyway.