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Spoon Bending: Evidence That Matter Is Not Solid

Spoon Bending: Evidence That Matter Is Not Solid Pamala Oslie

Science has discovered that at the quantum level (the smallest level), everything is made of energy, that our thoughts affect matter and consciousness creates our reality. If, at the core of our "physical" world, everything is made of this energy, then there is nothing fundamentally solid about anything.

Is there evidence that this is true? And if there is, how can we use that information to change and improve our lives?

If you explore what they've discovered through the double-slit experiment or read what twentieth-century physicists like Schr�dinger and Heisenberg have written about consciousness, you'll see how there is scientific evidence that our thoughts create reality. Both these Nobel Prize-winning physicists saw a connection between consciousness and reality. Heisenberg is considered to have been an advocate of philosophical idealism. The idealist view holds that nothing has an independent, real essence outside of consciousness, that the objects we perceive are identical with the ideas we have about them, and that it is intelligent life that defines reality. This is a profound concept — one that could be and is radically changing our worldview and many people's lives.