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Operating within the Rules of a New Game

Operating within the Rules of a New Game Lady Portia and Saint Germain through Star Hinman

What is happening now on Earth is absolutely unprecedented as far as its ability to enhance and accelerate human development. You are in a time of great support in this endeavor through many astrological alignments such as the April 2014 grand cross alignment and other solar and Earth-based energies that signal great changes for Earth and all humanity. In the month of April 2014, you had the grand cross alignment preceded by a full moon lunar eclipse and followed by a solar eclipse. These energies created circumstances for Earth that signal the beginning phase of a time that will create unprecedented change deeply within all of you and within Earth herself. It is a doorway that is opening within the consciousness of humanity.

It is vitally important for you to realize that things are not as they were previously. You are operating in a huge energetic "soup" of new energies. There are many frequencies of these new energies being created deep within your planet that are coming to the surface and radiating throughout your bodies. Also you are receiving much assistance through new levels of solar radiation — solar flares as well as solar light — encoded with the information that is constantly upgrading your genetic programming.

New Energies Supply the Opportunities to Expand Your Consciousness

The significance of all of these new energies is that they supply your mind, emotions, and body with the opportunities you need in order to expand your consciousness of what you are able to experience in physical and unordinary reality. In order to access these new levels of your being that are opening for you now, it is vitally important that you learn to use your imagination in a positive way to move beyond all limits you have previously accepted as your current "reality." Your imagination is the key here to open this doorway and allow you to experience this new reality. It will lead you to experience, deep within yourself, things you have never recognized and many levels of yourself that were previously hidden from your view. But be aware that when you allow your imagination to be controlled by your fears, this creates artificial limits on what you are able to experience. You no longer need to feel that you are the victim of the circumstances that have been produced by patterns of fear in your thinking or old, outmoded thoughts and belief systems. Recognize when you are experiencing these limits. Free your imagination, and allow it to experiment with creating new thoughts and ideas.