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Moving into Balanced Reciprocity

Moving into Balanced Reciprocity Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Your calendar month of June 2014 empowers the energies of balanced reciprocity as the grand square between the cardinal signs — Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Kronos in Cancer — calls the human kingdom to once again become one with all the kingdoms of the cosmos. The archetype of Kronos may be likened to Panden (the Earth soul-spirit in European, Celtic, and Wiccan traditions) and the cat being Geb or Bes (in the ancient Egyptian traditions). Representative of wisdom, joy, life, and love as experienced on Earth, he seeks the highest expression of these energies through the human kingdom. Though these may devolve into warfare, armament, and seeking military might, the truest expression of these energies is in discovering the flow of balanced reciprocity that speaks of energetic, creative activity of the highest quality, making life an artistic expression of joy and juicy celebration.

The empowerment of passion for all life and all living beings is encouraged by Mars, the war planet in Libra — the sign of love, beauty, balance, and expression of the perfected vision. As the human kingdom seeks other ways to express the perfected vision, many changes shall be implemented to align the human kingdom with its destiny expression of balanced reciprocity as the figure-eight flow of giving and receiving in harmony is encouraged by the Divine Masculine energies flowing into the earth from the heart of the Mother of All Creation.

We Hathors shall be attending this rebirthing alongside the cat being Bes — the lion-headed man — as we seek to reestablish the juiciness and joy of living life fully in 3D, thus bringing spirit fully into matter. To bring the ecstasy of spirit into the physical plane is the great work during the coming ages. Only through living the figure eight flow of balanced reciprocity with all living beings is this possible. This facilitates the dynamics of living fully as a spiritual being having a human experience.