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Join the Dance into the Aquarian Age

Join the Dance into the Aquarian Age Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you once again as we come together in the month of June. May you harvest well the opportunities this month will grant, and may you increase in wisdom, compassion, generosity, and kindness. Indeed, may you experience the energies the coming solstices offer as pivotal points in your individual journeys into the Aquarian Age.

The year 2014 is certainly proving to be an interesting year of transformation, offering all manner of compelling energetic forces for your growth. While some aspects of the year's course may not be particularly easy to negotiate at a personal level, in the end, may you all make the very most of the opportunities that the year affords. Having come through the most intense energetic stresses accompanying the cardinal grand cross that peaked in April (23–24), the planet is now settling down in its aftermath. While some of you are noting the phenomenon of "falling chips" in the aftermath of the grand event, others of you have been quite baffled at the level of stress in your lives.

See the Life through the Death

In addition to the tension set up by Pluto opposing Jupiter and Mars opposing Uranus, you have also been experiencing the power of thirteen playing out both personally and at a global level. At the potent time of the grand cross, Pluto was 13° Capricorn, Jupiter was 13° Cancer, Mars was 13° Libra, and Uranus was 13° Aries. This astrological alignment has added tremendous tension to Earth's energy field. Additionally, when you add in the components of two eclipses, one on either side of the grand cross's energetic peak, you can surely recognize that springtime this year has been, well, potent!