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Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Intelligent energy is the stuff of which everything you see is made. Here's how it works: Intelligent energy responds to commands given to it. Those commands are not as you think. They're not necessarily spoken orders or even consciously thought commands, although they can be and often are.

Intelligent energy forms itself in response to your energy. Your energy can be in the form of verbal commands such as prayers, requests for most benevolent outcomes, and so on, and it can take the form of thoughts. Most specifically, it can be beliefs, which are simply collections of similar thoughts that are repeated. These energetic commands can also be in the form of emotions. The commands, as you can see, take many forms but are simply energy that you radiate outward.

Here is where the law of attraction applies. Intelligent energy exists to serve you. As you vibrate and radiate energy, corresponding and matching intelligent energy is attracted to you. As you continue to vibrate specific frequencies, the intelligent energy coalesces, forming what you are vibrating.