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Five Minutes to a Spiritual Path of Greatness

Five Minutes to a Spiritual Path of Greatness Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Hello, my dear ones. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. What I want to speak about today is indeed very important to the well-being of our souls, and by that, I mean that your soul will feel strengthened by this. So this is going to be what I am calling a short trip to the interior of your soul mind.

I am going to give you an exercise to do to help all of you to connect with that part of yourselves that you have so much difficulty accessing when you are meditating. And the reason that this is so important is that on an everyday basis, you always want to stay in contact with your soul purpose and your soul mind, and this is the reason why: because by doing that, it helps everything else in you to be able to line up properly in not only your outer chakra system but also your inner chakra system, which not too many talk about. So I wanted to let everyone know about this important (but often forgotten) adjunct to their spiritual lives.

What I am talking about is this: When people begin a meditation program, what they usually do is sit down, just close their eyes, and then start meditating. But my method is very simple and will not take long to do. So when you first sit down to meditate — and as you run through your litany of names of the gods and goddesses and the other beings that you want to thank and to be around you for protection — I want you to think to yourself to add to that list "and also my higher self." As in, "I ask my higher self to be with me and to guide and protect me from any danger."