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Evolving into Higher Consciousness

Evolving into Higher Consciousness Almine

There are seven quantum fields available to humans, seven different realities or dimensions. Not only is this the case in the macrocosm, but also in humanity, the microcosm, where these manifest as the seven bodies of humankind. Each field relays subtle information, which is received by the seven chakras.

Consciousness is determined by how much information we can access from life, around and within us, in the moment. The proper, higher functions of the chakras to download information to the endocrine system are therefore essential for consciousness. The debris of old trauma and programs blocking the chakras and distorting their proper functions have caused the following problems that disrupted our abilities to access interdimensional and subtle information.

The Disruption of the Higher Functions of the Chakra System

  1. The pineal gland and crown chakra have had to take on functions that they were not designed to take on: the interpretation of the subtle information received from all seven chakras.
  2. The language of the chakras was incomprehensible to the pineal gland — with the exception of the sixth chakra, or third eye.
  3. The pineal gland could understand the third eye's images, except for the fact that it was receiving the images upside down. The reason for this is found in the brain. The brain was the mediator for the messages from the pituitary gland (the third eye) to the pineal. As it was accustomed to inverting the images of the eyes (which appear upside down on the retina), it inverted the images of the third eye as well.