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Every Human Can Now Manifest

Every Human Can Now Manifest Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis.


Something urgent for everyone. We never talked about it before because we had to wait until it became on an even keel for everyone. It's very important now for everyone to practice the physical feeling of optimism for at least one minute a day. You can practice it for longer than that. For those of you who are good at it, just apply it in your life as much as possible; but for those of you who don't know it, who aren't usually optimistic, or who don't even think about such things, I'll tell you why it's important: It's because your capabilities to manifest physically in your physical world now have gone up really stratospherically in the past few years.

This is part of the reason why some of you who have the capability to acquire things that you would want have had really fantastic experiences. Sometimes the experiences seem like there is something you did, and for many of you, you did have something to do with it. But for others, if you recall, you'll be able to think of at least one time when you were able to acquire something you wanted and it was almost like magic. It happened so easily and so simply that it almost felt as if it fell out of the sky.

That has to do with your capability as souls of the Explorer Race on Earth — which is everyone, all human beings — to manifest in a similar fashion (not exactly the same but in a similar fashion) to how you would manifest when you're not on Earth, when you're on some benevolent planet where everybody manifests that way. Of course there are certain stringencies that are applied by Spirit on Earth so that you don't manifest things that are not good for you or are catastrophic for you or for others, for that matter. But you don't have as many of those restrictions as you once might have had. So that's another reason this is really important to know.