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The Emergence of the New Earth

The Emergence of the New Earth The Elohim of Peace through Judith K. Moore

Channel's Note: We are living in such incredible times; I believe them to be the times of absolute miracles. I do not limit our future to rational projections. I see beyond the hardship of our times to the power that emerges. Today [April 2, 2014], a massive earthquake happened in Chile, tsunami waves headed for Hawaii, and I understand that Yellowstone is not stable. These are the signs of the end times. The messages I have received say that we will not experience absolute devastation, and Earth will come through the birth safely. I know, however, that we, the lightworkers, are called to focus the power of creation through our hearts and engage with the living earth to raise the vibrations of our planet, energizing the living hologram and assisting a safe emergence.

I feel strength from things that happen in my life, so I am sharing this experience with you. I have learned that when there is conflict, I can allow the light to flow through my heart, and then I see peace come. I love the valley I live in in northern New Mexico. I have lived here for over forty years. I have seen during these recent years the devastation of heroin taking over the valley. The people here have such a heritage and are so beautiful, but they are watching their youth die from the plague of drugs and violence. This, for me, is a personal apocalypse.

Two days ago, a man on heroin locked himself and his eight-year-old son in their home and had a standoff with a SWAT team for eight hours. I focused the light through my heart, and at 7:30pm, I called my family together to pray for the man, his son, and for the officers. The next day, we found out that they were removed safely at 7:30pm— a small miracle, yes, but one I can share with you to encourage you not to stand by shocked and silent during these times. Rather, let the light of creation flow through your heart without expectations, and know that good will come of it.