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Cleanse Your Energy Field to Reveal Your True Self

Cleanse Your Energy Field to Reveal Your True Self Simion through Amariah Mara

You are all too familiar with the distractions that get you down every day and keep you from expressing the greatness that you are. Imagine if you could dissolve these distractions and be free to express the best of all that you have worked for in your lifetime. How freeing is it when you are the best you in every moment without feeling all the blockages and garbage piled up in your mind? When you can remove the damaged filters and connect to the pure truth of who you are, you will be a giant step closer to changing this world.

It is as if you are walking around in a gray, or even black, cloud. All you need to do is wave the cloud aside and walk out of it to see the light, but you are convinced that you are trapped like an animal that has been caged all of its life and does not escape, even when the door is opened. Its mind is convinced that there is no way out; therefore, it does not see it when it comes. You are a lot like that.

That black cloud is what you think you are, but none of it is real. It's smoke and mirrors. The cloud is what you have been told by others or assumed based on what you perceive around you.