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Children and Boundaries

Children and Boundaries Tony Samara

The question is: How to deal with children in regard to boundaries. The first step is to realize that there are no boundaries. The ideal boundary is one that you inherit from your experience of life, from what it means to grow up as a child and then have that as an experience of boundaries.

Real boundaries come from consciousness, meaning that when you understand the big picture — when you can see children, their realness, and who they are and when you can see the potential of who they are and the reality of where they need to go to get to that potential — then boundaries are very clear. They are aspects of nature. There doesn't have to be a method of controling or socializing or making the child do things that aren't in accord with their way of growth and their way of manifesting their great potential.

The next step is to realize who this child is, the uniqueness of this child. Who is this child that you're dealing with? When you recognize the person, when you see the person — who he or she really is: feelings, mind, being, and energy — and you see his or her completeness, then it is very easy to move beyond your limitations.