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Charting a Course to the Future

Charting a Course to the Future Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Our opening phrase indicates that there is a range of perspective available to life. From "above" — that is, the spiritual realm — we observe Earth and the planets and witness the variety of energetic activity. Our vision allows us to see the great changes and corrections occurring in this area of the galaxy. We see balance happening and welcome the process.

From the area that we indicate as "below" — that is, the physical realm — these changes and alterations to energy flow often look like conflict and dispute. The energy can seem erratic and discomforting at least. Yet there is a thread of energy that soothes those who are of a more spiritual nature. The thought that all is proceeding in a positive path of growth and harmony may not be one that can be easily supported if you are looking at the events of the world. Yet many feel deep within themselves that the course of life is one of hope.

From "above" we now indicate that all things are in process, and despite certain events on the planet, the course of existence for the future is one of increased spirituality and balance. Yet you can see clearly that the passage to that point is, at the present time, not smooth or easy. Allow us to give perspective so that you may chart your personal course with confidence.