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Changing the World with Visionary Leadership

Changing the World with Visionary Leadership Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael through Jill Harrison

It is time for all world leaders to recognize and be held accountable for their actions. There appears to be little recognition or awareness that the choices being made on behalf of the people your leaders all profess to have a duty to care for affect a whole generation — not merely those who they seek to impress and control in the now.

For too long, it has been hoped that humanity would develop greater compassion for one another, but many of those in positions of power lack the spiritual, social, and creative vision to help humanity go beyond the current levels of dissatisfaction most humans are feeling. In order to transcend the current level of consciousness, a new energy alignment is being sent to help undermine the accepted views of old patriarchal programming — in short, the need to control and dominate others. It is time to awaken everyone to the truth that war is merely a game played by the leaders at the expense of human souls for the possession of power, oil, gas, food, or water supplies.

Unfortunately, when reorientation on a spiritual and consciousness level is called for, some souls are sacrificed, but it is important to recognize that these souls have offered to be of cosmic service. They have chosen this route to help inspire humanity to awaken to the need for reform and to view the nature of reality with eyes of truth.