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Becoming One Within

Becoming One Within Michelle Karén

Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday, June 7 between 3°10' Cancer and 24°25' Gemini. Its shadow period will remain until July 16. Family matters are likely to come to the surface at this time. We could become more concerned with our roots, ancestors, children, and home, as well as issues related to safety, security, and comfort. Short travels, communication, and curiosity could also come to the forefront. This is a period of time when we could become more forgetful and when misunderstandings could occur. It is best to avoid installing new software, buying electronic equipment, and traveling to faraway places unless we have been there before. Conversely, June is a magical time for reconnecting with lost friends and revisiting places we haven't seen in a while.

Saturn remains retrograde this whole month until July 20, 2014. Its shadow period extends until October 27, 2014. The degrees it travels in May (18°27'–16°58' Scorpio) are represented in the Sabian symbols by "a parrot listening and then talking repeats a conversation he has overheard," "a path through the woods rich in autumn coloring," and "a woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child." We continue being confronted with authority. Do we believe in our own authority, or do we blindly follow outside, corrupted rules? Two paths are offering themselves to us: the path of just repeating what the media are drilling into our heads or the path of magic, choosing the knowingness that no matter how strange things are, miracles happen when the masculine and the feminine within become married so that we become one with ourselves.

Neptune turns retrograde on Monday, June 9 until November 15 between 7°36' and 7°29' Pisces. Its shadow period lasts until January 2015. The degree it travels this month is symbolized by an image of a girl blowing a bugle. June is a month of profound awakening. The veils are thinning more than usual, giving us access to dimensions we previously weren't aware of. The power of sound, words, and music support and guide us more deeply than ever.