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Become Your Full Presence

Become Your Full Presence Angels of the Energy Fields through Ray Dawn

Hello, we are the Angels of the Energy Fields, and we are here to discuss how your energy fields are going through rapid change for your birthing into All That You Are. At this instant, much change is afoot to allow this process of opening to the light and of further growth — a big step, we might add, to your evolution as human beings or human angels.

All That Is is pouring forth here like never before to create this new upliftment. All That You Are has been diligently allowing and assimilating greater and greater quantities of light to allow this expression of the new and this new model of being. Yes, it is like coming into adulthood. As you have all been within the human field that has been, in a way, like the teenager going through so many radical changes and growths and hormones. Ha! Yes, and in these struggles and frustrations and irritations (you name it), you are rapidly morphing into All That You Are.

As this process has been going on, you are rapidly coming into fruition — into new birth — and it is a joyous occasion to allow the crowning of the new baby! As you see and you move through this, you come into a new way of being and of seeing All That You Are and the reality that you are in!