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Be the Love That You Desire

Be the Love That You Desire Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear colleagues of love and light, I am Gaia, and I wish for you to hear me this day with your hearts. Know that the happenings upon my body are not travesties at all, even though, by human standards, they might seem to lack integrity for the good of the entire planet. Know that there is a purpose in the great clearing of energies that is currently happening all across the globe.

As you look across the planet, it is easy for many of you to fall back into fear and to despair that love will never return as a guiding force on this experience of Earth, but know that divine love is already here. It has never left you. It has been around you, supporting you at every juncture of your experience. It is true, and I desire that you breathe deeply into this knowing and allow the truth of this to fill your consciousness.

You see, as the energies of the New Earth emerge, the old, forceful ways must give way to allow for the more gentle and flowing energies to emerge. Know that the obvious chaos is not so transparent in that there are many subtle energies playing out that are causing the old to slip away. Know, dear ones, that you will be and have always been supported through these times of vast change. Even if some choose to transition during these times, it is really only a change of scenery, for your consciousness continues beyond the game of Earth. So there is nothing to fear if you trust in the heart of Source as always supporting you, wherever you choose to be.