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Your Next Step in Living as a God-Being

Your Next Step in Living as a God-Being Thoth through Linda Edge

Many of us wonder about the next best step to living as a God-being in a world that invites us to forget our deepest truths in favor of worry, concern, and busyness regarding the more mundane matters of daily living. What guidance would you offer us?

You have extended to me an invitation — an invitation to bring forward words of wisdom, words of guidance. At the same time, you state that the world invites you into worry and such. So here, unknown to you, your question contains the answer. The answer revolves around invitation

An Invitation to Humanity

Truly, it is the case that humanity has a choice. It may accept or reject an invitation. In this case, it is of no great concern that the world, as you say, invites you into concern. For you, in turn, may invite that which disperses concern. You may invite guidance. You may invite wisdom to walk in your body. You may invite joy to sit on your shoulder. You may invite the angels to tea. What is being said to you is that you can accept an invitation to worry, or you can extend an invitation that brings you into communion with those who will show you a different way.