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You Can Manipulate Time

You Can Manipulate Time Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

You are magnificent manifestors. You are time travelers and are not even aware of it. You are aware that you have been going through a time warp and have felt that time was speeding up for a long time, but now it is different. You are able to change time as you live it. It sounds amazing, and it is. Some of you are already doing this, and when I explain to you how it is done, you will become aware of how you have been changing time in real time through your vibration.

Time Can Move at Different Speeds

Time is an ambiguous topic, but we will attempt to explain this time phenomenon many of you are now becoming aware of. We have discussed with you in the past how my channel became aware of something different occurring with time over two years ago when she went to Chile and began channeling the new awakening energies that emerged there. She became conscious that there was a time difference that occurred when she was on the plane traveling to Chile and a slowing of time the entire time she was there. She felt that she was able to accomplish much more in a shorter period of time, and indeed she was able to.

After traveling back to the States, she realized time was speeding up to the normal rhythm she was used to. Every trip after that she became more aware that time began to slow down just prior to boarding the plane that would take her to Chile. Time would gradually decrease its momentum until she arrived there. Once there, time seemed to be at what we would identify as three to five times slower than most of the rest of the world. Some individuals may not be aware of that time shift, since it can be subtle. But for those who are sensitive to energies and shifts, they will notice it very quickly. The more you are aware of it, the more you are able to take advantage of it.