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What Happens to Your Body in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions

What Happens to Your Body in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions Yeshua through Mercedes Kirkel

Greetings, beloveds. This is Yeshua, and I am so deeply happy to be with you. I acknowledge Lord Melchizedek and Sananda, who are both present with us today and are overlighting and communicating through me as well.

I have so much compassion, gratitude, and appreciation for all of you and what you are going through. I realize it is not easy much of the time. I know this from my experience on Earth. Earth is not an easy place in the third dimension.

You are starting to rise above the third-dimensional energies. This is not an easy process. In some ways, it is a kind of death process — not in any heavy, negative, mournful, or sad way, but in a very real way. When people are in the process of dying — especially if it is a more natural, easeful death through which it is easier to see this process — you see people releasing, you might say, the shackles, the bonds, that they have to the third dimension. They are preparing themselves to leaving this dimension and generally go into a fourth-dimensional space. It is not an easy process, which is why it generally takes a period of time for people to die. Sometimes people die quickly, like in accidents and those kinds of things. This is shocking to the being because he or she has to go through so much so quickly. In general, it is preferable for people to have a longer space of time to adjust to the change that they go through when they die and release the third dimension, including their physical bodies.