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Traversing the Upward Passageway into the Future

Traversing the Upward Passageway into the Future Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, I greet you this glorious day and send to you through this transmission great waves of loving energy and words of encouragement to assist you through these wondrous times of transformation. Many of you are thinking, "They do not seem so wondrous to me. What am I doing wrong? I am not worthy enough to move forward, to graduate, and to become enlightened as you have promised. Will I be left behind? Why does my world seem to be so chaotic and in such turmoil? Where is the peace and joy you said would be forthcoming?"

Let me ease your minds and help you understand the process. You will not fail. You are exactly where you should be: You are perfect the way you are. You have all the help you need and all the answers to your problems if you will just allow your higher oversoul self to overlight you as you strive to refine your emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

We ask you to put us to the test. Please give us permission to guide and inspire you, and in doing so, you will have the forces of heaven behind you. Brave hearts, you can only fail if you do not make an effort or if you give up. As you slowly and faithfully strive to remain heart-centered and soul-focused, you will find that you are gradually but surely gaining more and more willpower and God consciousness. You are learning to maintain a constant flow of adamantine particles of Creator light from the front and back portals of your sacred heart.