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Spiritual Light at Work Around the Globe

Spiritual Light at Work Around the Globe Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. We will look at the concept of spiritual energy and how spiritual energy as an energy field can be used through biorelativity exercises for planetary healing. Spiritual energy is an energy field just like mental energy is an energy field, just like emotional energy is an actual field, and, of course, just like the physical body has an energy field.

Spiritual energy is an actual force that creates an actual vibration, and it is an actual electromagnetic energy field. This is an important foundation because we are going to explore the relationship between spiritual energy, biorelativity, and planetary healing.

We are clear now that biorelativity is an energy connection, an energy force. Biorelativity is the ability to connect with the spirit of Earth. It is our position that Earth is a living spiritual entity; therefore, Earth can have communication with other spiritual entities — including, of course, humanity.

Environmental Disasters

The question many people have asked is: Can biorelativity also be used with the world leaders to prevent war? Can biorelativity as a spiritual force for change on the planet also be used to affect some of the political events that are occurring on Earth? It is clear that political events such as war can have a dramatic effect on the environment of the planet and the planetary forces.

In fact, very interestingly, a retired world leader said on April 5 that a war on the Korean Peninsula could possibly affect 70 percent of the world in general. Therefore, it would be extremely helpful if the energy and the advantages of biorelativity could be used to influence the leadership of this planet. It would be helpful if the energies of biorelativity could be directed to places where there is a great deal of discord.

By directing the energy of biorelativity, you could also influence change in the outcome of major planetary conflicts. Remember that we developed the planetary events scale, which seeks to measure the intensity of events. For example, an asteroid striking the surface of the planet could be a 10 on a 1–10 scale. We know that 65 million years ago, a large asteroid struck the Yucatán Peninsula and led to mass extinction on the planet, including that of the dinosaurs. On the planetary events scale, a 10 would be equal to an asteroid hitting Earth and causing mass extinctions.

We rated the Fukushima power plant accident and the accompanying earthquake and tsunami as a 6. That means those events have a major possibility of greatly influencing the outcome of life on this planet. At this point, many people may think that everything is under control in Fukushima — that there is only limited damage to the area of the plant and surrounding environment in Japan, which holds that power plant. Actually, we rated that event as a 6 partly because of the leakage of radiation into the ocean. This leakage of radiation is unknown and unmeasured. It is continuing right now as we speak. There is no accurate way for the scientists on this planet to actually document the amount of radiation that is going into the ocean and traveling around the whole planet.

So you see, that event is a planetary event because the radiation was released into the air, and it is also being released into the ocean. The currents in the ocean are traveling around the whole planet. Suddenly, or gradually, you are seeing an increase in radiation levels around the ocean, and you will be seeing radiation occurring around many of the ocean fish.

In earlier lectures, we frequently have referred to the possibility to the collapse of the oceans and other related collapses in the biosphere. Based on that information, I can say that, yes, it is true that the event at the Fukushima power plant is a major planetary event that has potential to greatly affect the biosphere.

Biorelativity Might Help Curb a Nuclear Event

Now we are looking at another planetary event. We are looking at the event in the Korean Peninsula and the possibility that this event could lead to a nuclear war or nuclear showdown. This can be compared in some ways to the showdown that occurred in the Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States, Cuba, and Russia in the early 1960s. At that point, the world came extremely close to a nuclear holocaust.

Now we look at this event in Korea, and there are some similarities but there are obviously many differences. The major point for us in looking at this Korean event is that this event does have the potential to be a planet-wide event. It is true that an outbreak of any type of major conflict there could lead to a nuclear war. If this is the case, it will affect the entire planet.

In fact, many of the events that are occurring now on Earth have great potential to become planetary events. It is just at this moment that we can see this Korean crisis potentially rise on the planetary scale to a 7 or even an 8. Putting extra radiation into the atmosphere or into the oceans is going to have a cumulative effect. Remember that there have been periods in the ’50s and ’60s when aboveground nuclear testing has occurred. This aboveground testing also occurred over the oceans, and large amounts of radiation were put into the ocean currents at that time. We should be currently talking about the effects of the radiation from those tests as a possible planetary event now.

Now, an isolated event, such as a Korean war, that could lead to a nuclear holocaust or nuclear confrontation could have a much more damaging effect based on the accumulation of radiation that already exists in the oceans and in the atmosphere. There is not as much leeway in the biosphere as there was twenty or thirty years ago when it comes to evaluating these kinds of radiation dangers.

Biorelativity, as we have been teaching, initially focused on events such as earthquakes, storms, and even asteroids. Earth events are linked to the spiritual energy field around Earth and to the overall planetary logos and the overall planetary plan. Biorelativity is based on an energy field that we call a spiritual energy field or spiritual light. It is our belief and it is our teaching now that you can send healing energy to Earth, and we can work together with biorelativity to send healing energy to places that are disharmonious on the planet. We can also send a healing energy field exactly to those unbalanced locations.

Understanding Spiritual Energy Fields

Let us explain some more about spiritual energy fields so you can have a greater intellectual or cognitive understanding of a spiritual energy field. I will also speak to you some more about how to emanate, discharge, or send out a spiritual energy field.

Let us imagine that you are attending a lecture by Sananda, Sai Baba, Moses, or another famous prophet. If you were so fortunate that you could go into a room or a place where they were speaking, then you would immediately feel the spiritual energy that they were emitting. You could go into a room with a person who has a high spiritual light vibration, and by just being in the room, you would be uplifted. You would energetically feel a different vibration. You would be vibrating at a different frequency because of the higher light and frequency that the high spiritual person is emitting. It would be transforming. Being in the energy field of someone who has a high spiritual light quotient and a high spiritual vibration affects you. This is before the person even speaks, before any words are uttered. Just being in the presence of someone of a higher vibration will positively affect you spiritually.

Why is that? The reason is because that person is emitting a spiritual energy field. It is a high-energy field of spiritual energy, which can transform the energy of those around them.

People might ask, “What if those people in the audience are not spiritually sensitive? What if those people are not spiritually receptive?” It is true that being in a spiritual energy field of a powerful person can have various effects on people depending on how sensitive and receptive they are. It is true that some people will be dramatically affected and others would only be partially affected. Generally, it will have some effect on the people who are around them, and it will affect people at various levels. Being around a high spiritual being, though, will have an effect on people.

What is spiritual energy? We can speak about physical energy, and everybody knows what physical energy is. Everybody knows how the forces of physical energy seem to work. You observe them in the movements that are going on regularly. Even when we speak about emotional energy, people can feel that energy: You can feel the anger that somebody may have, the love energy, and even confusion or disorganization. This is another way of saying that emotional energy actually consists of energy particles. Emotional energy is actually a field that you can experience.

Spiritual energy is a vibrational light that you can feel. Yes, I agree that it is difficult to describe what spiritual energy is. I can describe to you the energy of emotions, and we can talk about the different emotions such as anger, love, and fear. You have a good understanding and grasp of each of those vibrations that those emotions resonate with.

Now, let us talk about the spiritual energy. Perhaps the vocabulary on Earth is not really that great for this subject, but there are ways of talking about spiritual energy. We talk about harmony and balance, for example. We talk about feelings of unity and remembrance; we also talk about the fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light. These terms are a way of describing spiritual energy. In fact, one of the definitions of the fifth dimension has to do with the ability to perceive higher spiritual energy. When you are in fifth-dimensional places, in fifth-dimensional corridors, you can perceive a unity in this world and in the universe that could not normally be seen from the third dimension.

One of the markers for spiritual energy is unity. “Unity thinking” is seeing the connection between everything. There are other words in your language that have to do with spiritual energy. For example, we have descriptions of light, and we know that spiritual energy is equal to or synonymous with light. It is a light that is in the physical universe, a light that is not normally included in the normal electromagnetic spectrum charts.

The normal electromagnetic spectrum, which includes ultraviolet rays and light rays that are beyond the human eye, does not include spiritual light. Isn’t it interesting that the spiritual light is also an aspect of electromagnetic energy, yet it is not on any scientific or physical expression of the electromagnetic light spectrum? One reason for this is that the spiritual light is at such a high frequency that it is very difficult to perceive scientifically. But the spiritual light and energy is there. What is even more amazing is that the spiritual light and energy are the source of this universe. Spiritual light and energy are the sources of creation. Spiritual light energy is the source of your soul.

Changing Spiritual Technologies

Here we have perhaps the most powerful energy field in the universe: spiritual light and spiritual energy, yet we have no scientific way of measuring it. We have no scientific way of categorizing it. But this is changing rapidly. I want to speak about why this is changing and how this is changing.

There needs to be a new spiritual technology on this planet to bring it into a healing balance and to correct the planetary imbalances. Old technologies and old spiritualities were wonderful and served a great purpose, but now, at this point in the evolution of this planet, there needs to be a new spiritual technology. Part of this new spiritual technology is working with spiritual light, specifically learning how to work with and emanate fifth-dimensional spiritual energy and light in a positive and healing way.

Actually, biorelativity is a practice of sending spiritual light and energy to planetary sources — such as to the feedback loop system on the planet, for example. Now we are entering an advanced aspect of this where we can send spiritual light and energy fields directly to a politically unstable place. That field that we send to the place can and will affect those people who are living in that place.

Exponential Increases in Power

I want to speak also about the new spiritual energy and the development of the new spirituality in general. Modern scientists are fond of speaking about computers and how the computers are doubling in their power once every eighteen months. Exponentially, the computers are moving to such a high level that every eighteen months they are developing and doubling their power and abilities. You can imagine that huge advances are being made and will be made in the computer world.

If everything continues to double, can you imagine what the power of the computers will be in 2045? It may be unimaginable, but there are some great thinkers who have developed interesting scenarios about the great things computers can do, how small they are going to be in the future, and how much more efficient they will be.

I want to propose that the new spiritual technologies that are now emerging on this planet can also double in power every eighteen months. I want to propose to you that what is even more powerful than computer technology is spiritual technology. It would be far more powerful to be able to double the spiritual technology on this planet every eighteen months. In fact, I want to suggest that the spiritual technology can even double in less than eighteen months.

The new spiritual technology has to do with emanating spiritual energy and light throughout the planet. The new spiritual technology has to do with creating planetary cities of light and anchoring fifth-dimensional portals and crystals on this planet. The new spiritual technology has to do with connecting with the ascended masters who are bringing great light and teachings. The new spiritual technology has to do with the ring of ascension around the planet and with the energy of the Iskalia Mirror, which is a force field of magnified light and magnified reflectivity that is able to bring the powerful creative and healing forces from the Central Sun directly into this planet.

The most important aspect of the new spiritual technology is the starseeds — the most important aspect is you! You are the receivers of this spiritual light. You have the ability to emanate and direct spiritual energy.

The Importance of the Ability to Love

Remember several years ago when people were talking about the extraterrestrials known as the Grays? The Grays were viewed as fourth-dimensional beings who were trying to interact and steal the DNA of humanity. They were a dying race, and they knew that they needed something in their genetic codes that was lacking — and that humanity on Earth had a special genetic foundation.

Yes, part of this ability that the Grays desired is the ability to love. Love is actually a spiritual energy. The power that humanity has — the power that the Grays want — is the power to emanate, work with, and transmit spiritual light. It is this power and this ability that really distinguishes modern humanity from earlier forms, such as the Neanderthal man. The Neanderthal, the Java Man, and the Australopithecus were all earlier forms or humans. The study of anthropology focuses on the development and evolution of the human species, and these other species were earlier forms of the Homo sapiens. These other species did not have the ability to emanate, transfer, or receive spiritual light or spiritual energy. This ability is what humankind now has. This is what Homo sapiens have. Homo sapiens have the ability to receive and transmit spiritual light, and now is the time for humanity to increase this ability.

Let us return to the discussion of biorelativity and the planetary upheavals that could be possible when looking at an event such as war on the Korean Peninsula. We, the starseeds, can send spiritual light and spiritual energy to that area. We, as a group, can send a spiritual force to that area, and that spiritual force will affect the people there who are making decisions. We can send a golden ball of light from one of our powerful etheric crystals. Having that golden ball of light land over that country and over the capital city in North Korea could produce and allow spiritual energy to fill the city.

Emanating Spiritual Light

This leads me to a discussion about the emanation of spiritual light. You know that the Planetary Tree of Life is based on a principle of emanation. Emanation is a powerful description of a force that comes out of spirit. The greatest force of emanation that ever existed was in the big bang, when the creation of this universe began. That was the ultimate spiritual emanation. It is difficult to describe. It is difficult to even imagine the power the Creator was able to use to emanate that kind of energy. I use this as an example because I want you to have the idea in your mind that emanation is a force.

“Emanation” is a word describing the emitting of light, and we are talking about emitting spiritual light. We are talking about the necessity of being able to emit spiritual light in the strongest possible way so that spiritual light can reach even those people who are in darkness or on a lower vibration. Those people in darkness can be affected by the emanated spiritual light.

How do you increase your ability to emanate spiritual light? Remember that when we are talking about spiritual light we use terminology such as “harmony,” “balance,” “unity thinking,” “love,” and “higher light.” These words and phrases describe, on the human level, an attempt to explain spiritual energy and spiritual light.

So how do we increase your ability to emanate spiritual energy? When you emanate spiritual energy, you want to direct it and send it somewhere that needs more light. Let me talk about the transmission of electricity as a comparison. When you are at the source of the power of an electric generator, that is where the electricity is the strongest. When you go out a mile, the electrical energy through the power line decreases; when you go out ten miles, it decreases even more. It is the same way with the Sun and its energy field. Earth is 93 million miles away from the Sun, and if you were 5 million miles away from the Sun, then you would feel the intensity of light differently. The farther you go from the Sun’s energy, the less intense it becomes. There is even a formula that was devised to measure the intensity of energy as a factor of distance.

In order for a star like the Sun to provide the right energy for Earth, that star must be quite powerful. There are two ways to look at this. You could say that Earth either needs to be closer to the Sun, so it receives more energy, or should remain at the current distance, with the Sun putting out more energy so that the right amount of energy can reach Earth.

Spiritual light also operates under a similar principle to the electromagnetic energy distribution of sunlight and electrical energy from generators: The farther away you are, the less you feel it. However, there are some aspects of spiritual light that transcend these basic principles; there are some aspects of spiritual light that do not conform to the laws of physics. One case in point involves the spiritual light that was used to create the big bang. This event does not conform to any known principles in physics. In other words, the scientists can describe everything that happened up to a second or less before the big bang; but when they reach a point that is approximately onemillionth of a second before it, they are unable to describe what happened because there are no physical laws or rules to explain it. There are no physical laws to explain how something can be created from nothing. This tells you that spiritual light transcends the normal linear thinking of cause and effect.

This is good news for affecting planetary events because new energy from nonlinear sources can be brought to the planet. There are ways of sending spiritual light to the planet for balancing energy. One method is using thought projection. There are ways of using other spiritual tools, such as the ring of ascension, in which you can overcome the disadvantages of being distant. In the spiritual transmission of energy, you can overcome some of the linear disadvantages of space and time because the spiritual energy field has properties that transcend the space-time continuum.

Techniques for Emanating Spiritual Light

It is important to look at ways of increasing your ability to emanate more powerful spiritual energy. Why? The first reason is because Earth’s energy field is very dense and thus needs strong, spiritual, energetic input. The second is because Earth is getting denser and more polarized, and the third is because you are learning as planetary healers to emanate and send spiritual energy — but you still need to become spiritually stronger.

Now I will list some of the techniques that we have developed to help you increase your ability to emanate more spiritual light. When you have the ability to emanate more spiritual light, this will increase your ability as a planetary healer and your ability to work with such situations as the Korean Peninsula crisis. We will be working with that crisis again.

The first technique to increase spiritual energy in yourself is to use crystals, and this includes programming crystals for your own personal use. The idea of programming crystals means that you, at a heightened moment or when you have a higher spiritual energy, can download the program of that energy field into the crystal. Then you can use that crystal at another time to elevate yourself and make yourself more spiritually powerful. Remember, spiritual power is defined as the ability to emanate spiritual light and spiritual energy. Included in this discussion of crystals is the usage of the Arcturian etheric crystals. We have downloaded twelve etheric crystals on this planet as holders of Arcturian fifth-dimensional energy and light.

Another way to increase your ability to emanate more strong spiritual light is to connect remotely with one of the etheric crystals that were downloaded in that area. Of course, another method of increasing your spiritual power is, if possible, to visit the area where the etheric crystal has been placed.

Yet another way to create greater spiritual light and energy is to use sacred sounds, light, and tones. This method is used by many of the great spiritual people on this planet. It includes using mantras, Hebrew tones, and Sanskrit as well as sacred tones and sounds in your own language. It can also include using music, which can put you in a higher vibration.

One of the channel’s favorite pieces of music is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony — the fourth movement, the famous chorale movement called “Ode to Joy.” This is a very powerful, beautiful poem that was put to music by Beethoven. This music has a tremendous uplifting effect, and listening to it is an example of how you can raise your spiritual vibration so you can emanate more spiritual light. Listen to this famous poem sung in the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, called “Ode to Joy.”

Another way of raising your spiritual power is connecting to a spiritual group. This is an extremely important way to increase your spiritual power of emanation, as it is difficult to emanate spiritual light and power by yourself. Certainly there are people who may have gone into caves to live for spiritual reasons and who connected with great spiritual light and energy, but those people who can function spiritually in total isolation are few and far between. Most people would not be able to do spiritual work in isolation. So now, for spiritual work there needs to be a connection to groups and to group energy. When you connect with positive spiritual group energy, you are able to increase your power of emanation of spiritual light.

We have talked also about some of the dangers of misusing groups on this planet. This planet has an unusual history of misuse of groups in which leaders sometimes will take the groups and use them for their own purposes. We always say that there should be no worship of any person or leader; there needs to be equality in groups so everyone is free to connect with their own higher selves, inner guides, and teachers. But, at the same time, one does need the support of the group.

Finally, being in sacred places can help you to emanate greater spiritual light. I want to speak specifically now about the Arcturian planetary cities of light project. One of the ideas of the project focuses on creating sacred cities and areas. When you are living in a sacred area, you are able to feel and emanate more spiritual light and energy. Our idea of the planetary cities of light focuses on creating many powerful sacred places around the planet. These sacred places can be used by the people there to emanate greater spiritual light.

Sending Spiritual Light to North Korea

Let us now focus on sending spiritual light to North Korea. Visualize that you are in the beautiful and spiritual mountain area of Mount Shasta in California. I want you to see a huge etheric Arcturian crystal that is there. See a golden ball of light rising out of this crystal. This golden ball of light is filled with the spiritual energy of balance, harmony, peace, and love. I want you to send your thoughts of harmony and peace into that golden ball of light.

Use your third eye, because one of the best ways to emanate spiritual light is through your third eye. You use the crown chakra for receiving light, and you can use your third eye for emanating light. Now you are each receiving higher light from the ring of ascension into your crown chakra. You can emanate powerful spiritual light based on the description I have offered, and you are sending the light into this beautiful golden ball over Mount Shasta now.

As you are emanating more spiritual light and power, you will find that you are receiving more spiritual light and power through your crown chakra. I, Juliano, am also helping through our starship Athena to send down beautiful blue light into your crown chakras.

Now this golden ball of light over Mount Shasta is filled with a great spiritual vibration from all of your thoughts and light. With our thoughts, on the count of three, we will command through the power of the spirit to transfer this golden ball of light directly over the Korean Peninsula, directly over the demilitarized zone, to a place directly over the middle of the country. On the count of three, the golden ball will be placed two miles above that area. One, two, three, now!

The golden ball has been placed directly over the middle of the Korean Peninsula with all this spiritual energy. Continue now to emanate and to send your spiritual light from your third eye directly to that place — to the ball. On the count of three, the ball is going to gently open up and descend slowly over North Korea and South Korea — but in particular over North Korea. One, two, three: the ball descends over there, sending this great spiritual light and energy.

This energy is a light and spiritual energy that is penetrating the energy field of the whole country. All the leaders and the people in Korea are receiving this light. It is going to affect them as they are sleeping, as they are eating. They will feel this charge of light and energy.

That ball of light has successfully been downloaded and will have the intended effect on Korea. Let us return to Mount Shasta. Another ball of light is coming up. It is the same energy and light as the first. Now we send our energy, and your thoughts are now inside the ball. I am going to ask you to shimmer your aura. When you shimmer, you can emanate more light and energy into the third dimension because you are shimmering — or going back and forth energetically from the fifth to the third dimension. Shimmering includes the ability to vibrate and increase the acceleration and speed of your aura. [Tones: Shimmerrrr. Shimmerrrr.] You are shimmering at a higher speed, and your aura is vibrating at a higher speed. At this higher speed, you are able to emanate great spiritual light from your third eye. Emanate spiritual light. Let that light and spiritual power come out of your third eye now, and send it directly to this golden ball over Mount Shasta. [Tones: Shimmerrrr.]

The golden ball is filled with light, and now I want to send this golden ball directly in the top of Earth. For these purposes, the ball is directly over the North Pole. This ball now is becoming huge — it is one, two, ten, thirty, fifty, one hundred miles, two thousand miles in diameter. Visualize this beautiful golden ball of light, and at the count of three, it is opening up and sending great spiritual light and energy to the whole planet. Spiritual light is going to all the leaders of the planet who are making decisions, especially any leader who is making decision about Korea, including leaders in China and in the United States. This golden energy of spiritual light is over the whole planet now and is reaching all the world leaders.

Earth does not want to see a nuclear war on its surface. This work, this light, this emanation that we are doing now will help to calm everything down so people can see a great unity.

• • •

You are planetary healers. You have the ability to emanate spiritual light. You have the ability to use this force and to send and create an energy field around your cities and your home. You are able to project and send this light. You are learning how to do this. We are going to work with you so that your planetary healing abilities will double, and you are going to double them on a exponential basis — just like the way the computer chips are doubling exponentially.

May the spiritual light quotient within you rise, and may you be filled with the great power of spiritual emanation. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. •