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Shamanic Wisdom: Fear Release Portals

Shamanic Wisdom: Fear Release Portals Jan Engels-Smith

Our evolution into becoming the beings that we have always been destined to be necessitates acquiring new understanding of the sacredness of our souls and overcoming the resistances that hinder our progression to enlightenment. Perhaps no other characteristic of our limitations is as insidious as the unnatural fears that permeate our culture and impose themselves on our individual spirits as we seek to pass into the higher dimensions. Fear is a part of three-dimensional reality, and it extends into the fourth dimension. To reach fifth-dimension wellness and existence, all fear must be eliminated from the body. To truly live in the fifth dimension is to live without fear. Even though the task may appear daunting, the spirits have been extremely encouraging and directive on how to overcome fear and continue our ascension to the higher dimensions.

Learning, Appreciating, and Holding Positive Feelings

The negative energy of fear needs to be first counterbalanced by the choices we can make to live in well-being. Through the years, the spirits have provided instruction on how to choose happiness and how to find delirious joy in adverse conditions. We alter our reality through the individual efforts we make to learn, appreciate, and hold the positive feelings of happiness throughout the day — by saying mantras, by stopping to smell the roses, by not sweating the small stuff, and by the personal empowerment that comes with the positive energies that emanate from such attitudes and behaviors. The list of attitudinal choices that a person can make in order to transcend fear and redirect thoughts and feelings into areas of a higher vibration is extensive.

Additionally, there is a remarkable synergetic relationship between the choice of happiness and the diminishment of fear, in that each accomplished effort toward seeking joy increases our personal power and results in our seeing fear as having far less authority over us than we had assumed. Just as fear breeds fear and increases our sense of helplessness, so too does our choice of joy breed self-confidence and enhance our ability to access the power that resides within our greater self. A person who is constantly afraid of having an accident while driving an automobile is far more likely to have a mishap than the confident driver who reacts to situations without panic.