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Purifying the Current of Time

Purifying the Current of Time Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. These are important times, momentous in the course of histories both recorded and unrevealed. Increased awareness is vital. We often give words of hope and encouragement, thoughts to feed spiritual seekers and sustain them on what can be a most difficult path.

We remind you now that there is little difference in the desires between those existing on the physical plane who follow a spiritual path and the beings who dwell in the realm of spirit. All of us wish for peace and abundance. All wish for the ability to express our creative natures. All wish to see balance return to the planet.

To you in the realm of gravity, it can seem like you are in a minority. There sometimes appear to be many members of the family human who do not desire such things. We tell you now, there are more humans in line with these desires than you know or can see at the present time. The increasing volume of a minority of beings who attempt to cling to old ways gives the illusion of numbers. Still, they make a great deal of noise and this can be a distraction. So let us take a moment to illustrate how best to navigate your lives in this time.