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Prayers and Magics You Can Do to Calm This Year's Extreme Energies

Prayers and Magics You Can Do to Calm This Year's Extreme Energies Zoosh, Speaks of Many Truths, and Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

18 April, 2013

All right, this is Zoosh.

Good evening!

Big Cities Create Intense, Extreme Energies That Can Push People over the Edge

You know, this may have come up before, but I'll reiterate it because it's really relevant. In times past when there were small populations on Earth, people tended to live in very small groups — family groups, or groups of allies, you might say. They were not necessarily tribes, and sometimes they were not related by blood, but they drew together, even when they were not families, for mutual protection. And this is known — it is not a surprise. So, for various reasons, commerce included, people have continued to draw together. There are big cities everywhere. In some places there are more than others.

In times like now, when transformation is happening spiritually, people's minds are being somewhat rushed at the same time, often past the capacity of their bodies and feelings — because in a spiritual transformation, one needs time and often quiet to assimilate the events of the day in some way, to say nothing of getting in touch with your own feelings physically in your body. Often, according to whatever philosophy or beliefs you have, you can correlate those feelings in some way that makes it easier, or at least compatible, to live.