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A New Spiral of Ascension

A New Spiral of Ascension Jesus of Nazareth through Virginia Ellen

A great time of beauty is now taking place within the heavens. The merging of the fifth dimension with the third is now at hand. A new spiral of consciousness is being created for your ascension. Earth is changing her frequency to be more in oneness with those of the higher octaves. The Central Sun is the consciousness of oneness. Your Earth has the consciousness of duality and separation from the source of onesess.

My beloved ones, now is the time to more fully embrace unlimited truth. Your planet Earth is moving swiftly into a higher vibration. The energy of the seventh ray is being pressed on you and your Earth in order to promote change. Change! Change!

The God qualities of the seventh ray are as follows:

  • Service: To live in service to the God of your being and the ascension of life on Earth.
  • Freedom: To know freedom of self and to experience freedom from your limited beliefs, your illusions, and your suffering and pain.
  • Invocation: To be able to invoke from the higher realms divine thoughts for guidance and creation.
  • Refinement: To refine your thoughts, your actions, and your way of being in your world.
  • Diplomacy: To promote peace, honor, and freedom among your nations.