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Nature Hearkens Unto You

Nature Hearkens Unto You Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

It has been a long few months, has it not? For many of you, old thoughts and beliefs have been presented to you with fervent indulgence. "Why?" you might ask. Because you have asked for it, dear ones. [Laughs.] Now, I do not mean this to castigate anyone. That is far from the truth. What I am saying is that your soul natures are asking to come through now more than ever; and in order to facilitate that, some fine-tuning needs to be done.

Silent Sentience

Many of you do not fully understand the importance of thoughts. One of the biggest illusions perpetrated on humanity — and yes, I did say perpetrated — is the removal of responsibility for one's thoughts. Do you realize how this one idea could change the world overnight? Thoughts have energy. You have felt them. When you walk into a room where great love is being expressed, you feel it; conversely, when you enter a room full of dissension, you also feel it.

Thoughts are what keep your Earth drama moving. Think about it: It truly is that simple. Your choices shape your thoughts and vice versa. When you choose to judge others as needing punishment or as being evil, that is the reality that is created. If one chooses love, nonjudgment, and compassion, that is also what is created. Can you imagine what would happen if the tree beings started speaking to you as you do each other, yelling at you for running a red light or for allowing your dog to pee on it or for breaking off a branch? Would you be less likely to behave in such ways if you knew that the plant life could judge you like you do yourselves?