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The Mysteries of the Inner Space

The Mysteries of the Inner Space The Arcturians through Almine

In February 2013, one of the Seer Almine's students photographed the Arcturian lightship. It continued to linger above the Seer's house during a retreat for thirty women, and she conversed with the Arcturians in their language on several occasions during the week. The following are some of the transmissions that were received.

Arcturian Transmission 5: Healing Negative Emotions

Reality is determined by frequency. Hopelessness has arisen among humanity in which the few labor diligently to ease the lot of the many. It seems that as you change the song of life by changing the song of yourself, it is again undone.

The individual has a field of expression, but the collective field of the many also exists. It is the depth of these age-old fields that seem so overwhelming and work against your best attempts. There are four fields that overlay one another like grids. They represent the four elements and are the basis of the four directions.