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Just Say, "Heart Source"

Just Say, "Heart Source" Amma through Cathy Chapman

30 March 2013

I welcome all of you to this rather impromptu call. Amma told me she wants to talk about love. I'm not sure in which direction she wants to go. If you talk about love, you can go almost anywhere.

Everybody move into your heart source. For those of you who are new, I'm going to guide you into your heart source. Bring your focus and your attention to the front of your heart center. Feel yourselves go deeply within the front of your heart center. Stay there and also go into the back of your heart center.

Now move into the front of your third eye. Now move into the back of your third eye. Go deep within in both places. Imagine a beam of energy moving up from your heart to your third eye, connecting the two together. That beam of energy now goes straight up out of your crown into the center of the universe. Have no concerns about where that is. It knows where it's to go. And now that beam of energy goes all the way down into the center of Earth.