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Joy Is Truth in Action

Joy Is Truth in Action The Cosmic Hierarchy and the Shekinah through Malika

Lord Michael would like the Shekinah to share the wisdom of the Shekinah presence. The true nature of joy is the harmony and perfection of existence, of Source, of the divine truth and divine blueprint in action. The expression of God through the heart is the key to the consciousness of joy and peace. Sacred heart consciousness is the bridge, which is the sacred union of the Divine Feminine (love consciousness, wisdom, sacredness, creation, and harmony) with the Divine Masculine (protection consciousness, manifestation, form, sound, and light), aligned with the white light in all dimensions. The sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in the heart region produces a third energy, the wisdom of Christ. The honoring and protection of our own hearts allows us to connect to our inner sanctuary, our own sacredness, our souls. This Christ consciousness opens a portal of ineffable joy in the heart and allows us to experience the interconnectedness of all of creation.

Get Past the Illusions

Let us speak about the ego for a moment. The ego is simply — per its definition and application to this discussion, as many have different definitions for it — our limited concepts and beliefs. We need to attain conscious recognition of the divine children of God that we and all of creation are. We, along with all of existence, are always evolving consciously and mastering skills, attainments, and enlightenment.

We lack joy because we get caught up in illusions. We are not naturally or consciously living in the faith, wisdom, and truth of the harmony that is the nature and divine blueprint of existence, of God, of Source Creator in all situations, realities, and dimensions. Suffering is contrived. We return to genuine and true joy when we stop living in the conditioning of the illusions that were imposed on us.