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The Grand Awakening Is Now at Hand

The Grand Awakening Is Now at Hand Beings of Light through Miriandra Rota

We are those beings of light who come about you and assist you in your daily living and the challenges therein. Some of you refer to us as your guardian angels while others have specific names for the energies that flow around you, holding you in love. Names are inconsequential in this instance, for we are always with you.

Your Full Strength Is Now Required

We flow forth in this speaking to give you those truths and those words that will allow you to reside within a greater hope for the fulfillment of the reason that you are all here, incarnate upon Earth. The words and truths are these: When you decided, with purpose, to reside in physicality during this time on Earth, you made your decision knowing that this would be a time of not only great changes but of great challenges — challenges to those who would hold truth within the heart and fabric of their beings.

While you did not know the nature of those challenges, you did know that they would require the full strength of your being. And now your full strength is required — that is, the full strength of your residing within the truth of who you really are while letting go of the story you were given and have developed further on your own, the story of who you believe yourselves to be. Hear these words!