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Getting Back to Oneness

Getting Back to Oneness Isaiah and Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

I am Isaiah. This circle in which you are gathering is held in the evening hours for a reason. If you think of your lives currently in modern society, you have a clock on the wall, and from this clock, you are sectioning off your days. There are portions of the day, for example, that are from 9:00 to 10:30 and from 10:30 to 11:30 and so on. Your days have become regimented, scheduled; you feel you must do certain things between these times.

If you are able to accomplish your task by the time you are beginning the next task at hand, you feel that you have been productive that day. Then by your standards and by your results, certainly it seems to be true. Around the hours of 5:00 or 6:00PM, you begin to shift your focus, for that day has ended. Not only has the day ended, but the various emotions that are associated with the day are done, and you begin to cruise into the evening. You are slowly shifting into a different frame of mind: relaxation, perhaps nourishment, perhaps something fun to do, and then "ah" rest.

Modern Time

Dream time is the unconscious portion of your being; think of the term "a portion of your being," a certain self. You have a dream-self that exists and that only comes when you are in the state of sleep. You feel that you have to take what occurs in your dream time and apply it to the framework of your day — the rational thinking, the thoughts, the references, the definitions — to that dream state. In your best efforts, you often come up empty-handed as to why this dream was this way. One could say a very tricky statement: It is not the events in your dreams that are confusing. You see, in actuality they are distorted by your perception. This may be difficult to understand.