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The Gathering Momentum of Change and the Opportunity to Realize Your Lightbody

The Gathering Momentum of Change and the Opportunity to Realize Your Lightbody Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. Already this year has begun with a need for adjustment at a most extraordinary level for humankind. There have been so many events to sharply awaken those who slumber on, believing that the old ways will support them. And of course they will not — that could never happen, as humanity reaches this point in their evolution. This was always to be a time of great change. A gathering momentum requires adjustment. Sometimes there is an event so dramatic that it creates a stilling of the breath, a gasp of wonder in the collective. This is an opportunity for the development of a higher level of awareness, for recognizing what is happening and the need to change attitudes, reactions, and responses.

The moment has come to move into a different way of looking at your own lives and the lives of all of those on the planet. A few realize this, and they try to do something about it, but many wish to lie slumbering again. The event comes and goes. Afterward they start to breathe normally again and believe they can go on with their lives in the same way, but they find that what was easy before is now difficult. Challenges face them that seem unreasonable, and life does not seem to present to them an easy decision, a clear choice. They wonder, then, why it is that nothing is the same.

This is something that is going on throughout this planet. It is not a Western issue or an Eastern issue; it is an issue throughout, though the challenges will come in different ways. There will be a sense of mismatch, of not quite being aligned with the situation. This is because there is a very different energy flowing throughout the planet at this time, representing the focused spiritual intention of those who hold the planet dear and who are aware of what is happening. They have observed development over thousands, indeed millions, of years on this planet. They have given to it and cared about it. This focused spiritual intention will work with what it has to work with. The intention is to enable change to happen before it is too late.