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The Fulfillment of the Aquarian Dimensions of Light

The Fulfillment of the Aquarian Dimensions of Light Asha Tara Azara I Am through Judith K. Moore

I speak now; my name is Asha Tara Azara I Am, master consciousness from the future Aquarian realm. I speak from a future timeline in the master plane of the New Earth. I have chosen this time to speak to the children of light of the age of transition. You will be remembered by future generations as the courageous souls who held the space between the worlds for love to manifest in the dimensions of light that will illuminate the future Earth. As cocreators with the divine plan of creation, your souls have agreed to stand in the gap for all of humanity, for human existence, and for the world at large.

Full Expression of the Creativity of the Human Heart

Truly, a new dimension of light has opened on the Earth plane. This Aquarian hologram has the capacity to express the creativity of the human heart through ultradimensional fields that shift and continually move as clouds or mist do, permeating all of existence on the Earth Plane. A new dimension of light has received these seeds of creation, seeding the realm with libraries of light that we, the avatars of future Earth, shall harvest and build from. For you are the seed bearers and we are the builders; the loam is your heart.

These seeds are blessed beyond measure. They carry the vibrations of light for beauty beyond comprehension. They ignite the human creative potential, and this creativity will truly burst forth in art, music, literature, the cocreation of projects of light, and ecological and sociological resolution. This will happen with a creativity that humanity has touched on but never truly embraced or experienced.