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Don't Miss Your Chance to Seize Big Opportunities

Don't Miss Your Chance to Seize Big Opportunities Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that Jupiter changes signs. After a year in the sign of the twins, it will move into Cancer on June 28. This change will bring a shift in positive focus for everyone but is particularly beneficial for the Cancerians, Arians, Librans, and Capricorns. After the turbulence and challenges that these signs have endured over the past few years, no one could deny them a welcome break in the guise of benevolent Jupiter. For the Pisceans and Scorpios, Jupiter's move into Cancer is favorable and suggests pleasant times ahead.

For each sign, Jupiter brings a gift, and I have focused on what this will be during the last week of each sign's forecast. In some cases, I felt it necessary to recap on what Jupiter had brought to the sign in the previous year so that clarity could be gained before focusing on the forthcoming change.

What's also nice about this Jupiter transit is that it will align with the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune, forming an auspicious grand trine in the water signs. If ever there were a combination that facilitated the manifestation of one's dreams into reality, then this would be it. Events are likely to flow more smoothly around the end of the month, making it easier to make things happen, while June 28–30 are days to really focus your intent on manifesting your dreams.