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Connect with Your Starbeings

Connect with Your Starbeings Stephanie Clement

Have you ever wondered whether you can communicate with ascended masters or starbeings? Yes, you can. The only question, then, is how can you do this? What is the most direct path to forming meaningful connections with one or more beings who are sending information to you all the time?

We know that some people form these connections very naturally. That means that if you focus your intention, little effort is needed. Well, yes, you have to clear your mind of everyday problems enough so that you can hear, feel, or otherwise sense the connection. I recommend taking five minutes — you can do more if you want! — to quiet your mind through yoga or meditation of some kind. Begin without expectations. Your messages will seem both similar to and different from what others receive.

Castor and Pollux in Gemini

During the month of June, some of the simplest connections come through the stars in the constellation of Gemini. Although these stars will not be directly overhead for people who live north of a line through Dallas and Los Angeles, the constellation is as high in our sky as it gets during the year.