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Bring Forth Your Gifts of Manifestation

Bring Forth Your Gifts of Manifestation Angelic Orders of Truth and Light through Ray Dawn

Hello to each of you. We are the Angelic Orders of Truth and light, the Angels of the Energy Fields. We are here to help all of you with your energy fields, for you are all fields of light, sound, and color in truth! Each of you are vibrant, living beings who are your own frequency. This frequency allows you to be in the environments you are in, the relationships you are in, and the livelihoods you are in.

This relationship to all life around and within you is from the makeup of your individual fields of energy. Your energy fields are being modified all the time by your thoughts, beliefs, creations, and understandings of the reality you are in. These fields are quite moldable to your own perceptions. This can feel like a burden or, as we wish to emphasize, a just cause and reward for your own abilities to create.

You Are All Powerful Creators!

We ask each of you to allow more of this time on Earth to create your own dreams and discover your individual gifts not only for this life but also all your timelines, or past and future lives. Each of you has new creations you are bringing forth in each moment. In order to allow the fullness of these creations, each of you must give yourselves permission to create what it is you are allowing or wanting to create. To be clear, you must have trust and faith in the meaning of life: You are all in this together to bring forth your individual talents and gifts now. To do so is a great service to All That Is.