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Being in the Joy of You

Being in the Joy of You Rhonda Smith

This year, 2013, we will begin manifesting the new world and the enlightened society that we all want for our future. The principles of the foundation will be truth, order, and economy. You will be given opportunities to understand the beauty, pleasure, and privilege of responsibility, as well as the ability to respond rather than emotionally react.

What you will experience is the lower vibrations of emotions being brought into their highest level of feeling. There is a difference. In addition, you will be pushed to claim responsibility for your choices as you understand the beauty of service to humankind by giving respect and honor to yourself, divinity, and all of humankind. This vibration is highly idealistic on the higher plane of life, and its goal is to demand truth, justice, and fairness for all while remembering that this includes you.

June 2013 (30/3)

You end this quarter of harvesting with the energies of joy in creation. The purpose of this month is to celebrate your expression of yourself, and this period will assist you in becoming open to your imagination and higher knowing so you can know and reveal your fondest hopes and ideas.