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The Age of the Noosphere

The Age of the Noosphere Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, how decidedly pleasant it is to greet you as we enter the month of the summer solstice in 2013. Are you enjoying the new era? It is, of course, in its very beginning stages and may not be particularly observable without calling your inner vision into play. Yet some of you are realizing some personal shifts that are quite amazing.

Are you seeing a difference in your arising thoughts? What I notice among a number of my students is that there are times when their thoughts are arising at much higher frequencies than previously. Yet when the ego demands its due, the bounceback effect can generate thoughts, preoccupations, or some obsessional energy at surprisingly low frequencies.

Remarkably enough, in spite of this phenomenon, many of you are entering moments of contemplating Earth's path — or your own — with new understanding and fresh insight. Perhaps you are just able to see a bit farther down that path. In any case, this is the year to participate fully in the transformation of both Earth and yourself.