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You Are Metatron, Lord Sananda, and God

You Are Metatron, Lord Sananda, and God The Ancient One through Solene

This is an open letter to all channels and those that follow them. It is with much excitement that I share my insights about the new roles we are assuming. Never has there been a time that access to these energies has been this heightened. The existence of these pure energies and the increased awareness by many more humans requires much discernment and expansion of this current practice of channeling.

The New Energetic of Sovereignty

Over the years, a few of you sensitive humans have been able to access these energies and pull them in from other dimensions. You have allowed these energies to speak through you. You have been a beautiful conduit and voice for these energies. You have had to step aside as the personalities of yourselves and allow the energies through your vessels. The wisdom has been evident and portrayed in the spoken and written word. This selflessness was considered noble. No longer is this the truth. This will be the way of the past. There is a new energy evident — the energetic of sovereignty.

The new universal alignment is allowing access to these energies in a new form. The increased planetary vibration and the increased vibrations of our crystalline structure are bringing the ability to work with these energies in a much more profound and powerful way. A new sense of sovereignty in working with these energies is required.