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You Are Making a Path to love Wherever You Go

You Are Making a Path to love Wherever You Go Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

Hello, I am Red Eagle. I am a chief and you are a tribe. That will be true forever.

Memories of the Future Past

More and more of you are meeting each other in your waking hours as well as your sleeping hours — your dream time. What does that mean? Many of you have had dreams where there are people who you don’t recognize. Hmmm. Who are these people? Sometimes you see the person and you say, “Hey, you were in my dream but you were not you. I was in my house, but I was not in my house. It was not my house, but it was my house. I was myself, but my hands were different.” Many of you feel these are past lives. “Maybe I know that person from another dimension, another era in this planet’s history,” you say. That is true — half the time.

There are others who know you and have traveled with you and are still with you, but not in the physical. We are around you. Why can’t you see us, huh? What do you do when you want to see? You open your eyes. You absorb. Here you are on the top of this mountain. You have a big sky above you. You can see little flying ships here and there. Many of you have seen them. They are from other planets; some of them live here. Oh, and you wonder why you cannot see them. Why? It is because you cannot feel it. You cannot picture it. It is too unbelievable for you.