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Where Are You on the Path of Ascension?

Where Are You on the Path of Ascension? Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, it is time to acknowledge and claim ownership of your core essence, your true identity. You are not just a male or female human being residing on planet Earth. You are not just a soul within a physical body with many facets of your higher self scattered throughout this universe. You are of royal lineage, my friends, with ancestors of great renown. You are the starseed, the way-showers from the far reaches of the omniverse who were sent forth on a special mission that is rapidly coming to a culmination.

You know who you are, for we have often spoken of this in the past. We do not want you to get the idea that you are better or more than the rest of humanity. However, those of you who have been reading our messages and applying our teachings are now ready to step to the fore and share your wisdom with those on the path behind you. You do not have to become formal teachers and hold classes, even though this is a great and worthy calling if you have the desire to do so.

The different levels of consciousness the human species have experienced since first embodying on planet Earth are: animal/human nature, human/human nature, human/spiritual nature, and spiritual/human nature. We will focus only on the human/spiritual nature and the spiritual/human nature at this time.