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Walking between the Worlds: the Way of the Nagual

Walking between the Worlds: the Way of the Nagual Almine

An interview of the Seer Almine by Rogier Chardet, Netherlands

Although the mystical tools, deep metaphysical insights, and vast knowledge of the mystic Almine is passed on freely on a daily basis, there is one topic that she grows silent on: her life and origins. Mysterious yet tantalizing glimpses into the mystery that she is have been given over the years. But instead of giving definitive answers, they have deepened the mystery, indicating clearly that something unimagined and undisclosed lies beneath the surface of appearances.

When asked why she is not more forthcoming in talking about her true identity, she responded, “All information I have is yours, pertaining to all subjects but this. This answer you must find for yourself. It is not that I am trying to hide anything. My devotion to truth is too profound for that; it’s just too huge for most at this level of evolution of consciousness to understand. It must therefore be felt with the heart.”

Are you not answering because it is private — or perhaps because you have no identity?

There is no private part of my life, nor public. The only criteria of one who lives an impersonal life is what is relevant. And although it is true that I have no identity, we each still play roles. I assume that is what you’re asking about.